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Here are some questions that we are frequently asked but if you have any questions that are not listed below please feel free to contact us.

General questions

Question - What does seconds mean?

Answer - All our items are sold as seconds quality and unless otherwise stated, include slight imperfections. The reason why each of the items fall into the seconds category vary and may be due to a slight colour variation from the manufacturers' specification, minor faults on the material or design of the fabric, a variation of the base composition from the manufacturers' specification and/or lack of fire retardants/resistance. 

Question - Can I come and have a look at the fabric before I buy it?

Answer - Yes you are welcome to come to our Studio in Ludlow, Shropshire to have a look at the fabric before it is purchased. Please contact us to arrange a visit. If you prefer, you can see the quality of the material and the colours by ordering a sample or a metre of fabric if a sample is not enough. 

Question - Is the fabric suitable for upholstery?

Answer - A lot of our fabrics are used for upholstery. However if you are unsure we recommend you order a sample so you can show your upholsterer  who can advise whether it is suitable  for your particular use.

Question - What does a "half drop pattern repeat" mean?

Answer - A half drop pattern repeat is where the pattern doesn't match exactly on each side of the fabric roll, and matches half a drop down instead. What this means is that every other repeat of the pattern widthways is dropped halfway down from the previous one. You cannot therefore match the pattern directly across the fabric. We recommend that you speak to your curtain maker who should know how to calculate your requirements. 

Question - What if I need just a little bit more than you have available?

Answer - If you only require a little bit extra (less than a metre) then we may hold this in stock so please feel free to contact us. 

Delivery, shipping and packaging questions

Question - How much is postage/shipping?

Answer - All deliveries to the UK are free of charge. We charge a standard fee of £35.00 for orders placed for deliveries abroad. If orders placed for deliveries abroad are particularly difficult or expensive then we may contact you to request further payment to cover the postal/shipping charges but if we do this, you do not have to go ahead with the order and you are welcome to a full refund should you choose. 


Question - Do you deliver abroad?

Answer - Yes we often deliver abroad and we deliver to most countries but if there is any particularly problem delivering to your country we shall let you know and provide a full refund if we are unable to accept your order. We would strongly recommend you make enquiries regarding any import duties which are your responsibility. 

Question - How long does it take for my items to be delivered?

Answer - We estimate deliveries to the UK to arrive within 7-10 days of your order being placed. For orders abroad we would allow 14-21 days for deliveries to arrive after your order has been placed. 

Question - What if I want my fabric quicker than the estimated delivery time?

Answer - If you require an urgent delivery please contact us before placing an order and we will do our very best to meet your requirements. 

Question - How is the fabric, lining and interlining packaged?

Answer - If your combined total of fabric, lining and/or interlining ordered is more than 5 metres then we place the items on a roll. If your order for fabric, lining and/or interlining totals 5 metres or less then we will post it out folded unless you contact us to request otherwise where a delivery charge may be requested.  All orders are bubble wrapped for protection of the material. 

Questions about samples

Question - What size are the samples?

Answer - Samples measure 25cm in width and 15cm in height unless otherwise stated on the fabric information page. This will allow you to see the quality of the fabric as well as the colours within the fabric. 

Question - What if the sample size is not big enough?

Answer - If you require a larger piece of fabric than the sample size available then we recommend you order a metre of fabric.

Question - I can't find an option to purchase a sample, what shall I do?

Answer - For fabrics with 5 metres or less remaining we do not offer samples unless otherwise stated, simple because of the limited amount of fabric remaining. You are welcome to visit our studio in Ludlow, Shropshire to view the fabric.  

Question - What is the cost, including postal charges for samples?

Answer - The sample cost for fabric, unless stated otherwise on fabric information page, is £3.50. There is no charge for delivery. 

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